Marine Protected Area

The marine protected area of Capo Carbonara

Villasimius has decided to protect a large part of its territory, including the coast, since 1999 thanks to a Decree of the Minister of Territory, and the results are already clearly visible today.
The protected marine area has a characteristic triangular shape, and starts from Capo Boi, reaches Punta Porceddus, passing the island of Cavoli and the island of Serpentara. With mask, fins and snorkel you can admire the spectacle of a varied, frenetic and colorful underwater life. Three different areas are distinguished based on the level of protection.

Zone A is the fully protected area, in which the greatest restrictions apply. It includes the western coast of Serpentara, all the islets to the north of the island, but also a stretch of sea that connects it to Punta Porceddus. Only Marine Protected Area personnel and scientific personnel are allowed to dive and navigate in this area.
Zone B extends from east of Serpentara to the Berni shoal and includes the entire area surrounding the Cavoli island and a good part of the coast of Capo Carbonara.
The bans that apply in this area are more flexible:
• you can navigate being careful not to exceed a speed of 10 knots;
• the area is entirely suitable for swimming, but mooring is only permitted on sandy seabed, totally free of seagrass.
Finally, zone C is the one subject to the least constraints and closest to the coast. It includes the remaining part of the marine area and among the rules to be respected we remember:
• the prohibition on hunting, capturing, gathering or damaging animals and plants;
• the ban on introducing species foreign to the area that could alter its balance;
• the abandonment of waste or substances that may damage the environment is prohibited;
• it is not permitted to introduce weapons, explosives, capture devices and toxic and polluting substances;
• spearfishing is prohibited;
• anchoring is only permitted on sandy seabeds.

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